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Building Dedication Opportunities
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An everlasting tribute to our supporters ~ 
Please consider dedicating a part of our new building! All contributions will be recognized by a prominent plaque near the dedicated section of the building. 

Building Dedication $360,000 (Reserved)
Sanctuary/Shul $154,000
Social Hall $100,000 (Reserved)
Main Lobby & Museum $150,000
Solar Panel System $75,000
Meat Kitchen $65,000 (Reserved)
Plaza/Garden $54,000
Ark (Aron Kodesh) $54,000
Library $54,000 (Reserved)
Rabbi's Office $26,000
Dairy Kitchen $26,000
Front Veranda $18,000
Children's Room $18,000
Landscaping $18,000
Six Stained Glass Windows (each) $18,000
Synagogue Furnishing $18,000
Social Hall Furnishing $18,000
Bimah/Torah Stand $18,000
Main Entrance Doors $18,000
Tree of life $18,000 (Reserved)
Rabbi's Lectern $10,000
Netilat Yadaim Washing Fountain $10,000
Sanctuary/Shul Doors $10,000 (Reserved)
Ner Tamid $5,400 (Reserved)
Sanctuary/Shul Mezuzah $5,000 (Reserved)
Main Entrance Mezuzah $5,000 (Reserved)
Hand Washing Fountain $5,000(Reserved)
Two Prayer book Cabinets (each) $5,400
Talit Rack $3,600
Fifteen Mezuzot (each) $1,800

In addition to the dedications outlined above, we will have an elegant Donors’ Wall which will be a tribute to our supporters and permanently displayed in our lobby.

Founder $54,000
Partner $36,000
Pillar $18,000
Patron $10,000
Sponsor $5,400
Friend $1,800

 Contact us at [email protected]  for more details and/or any questions.

We appreciate your support!