"I've participated in the women's study group for the last four years and have enjoyed it immensely! It's a lovely group of women from all backgrounds learning together in a warm and nurturing environment." 
- Nancy Nishball 

"The last couple of years I have participated in classes led by Chanie Wilhelm. The topics were so interesting. Chanie has the unique ability to connect the sacred ancient teachings and events to our daily lives. The participants are of diverse background. The discussion is always lively and interesting. I always learn something I did not know. Truly worthwhile and inspiring. I look forward to another great learning experience."  
- Dalia Coleman 

"I have attended 2 years of women's study groups that Chanie has led. I always find them interesting and thought provoking. Every time I leave learning something new or a different perspective on the topic. It's a friendly group." 
- S.M.G.