To paraphrase Milford's motto: Chabad of Milford-HCW is a Small Community with a Big Heart. 

Spiritual Leader: Rabbi Schneur Wilhelm

Board of Directors:
Joel Levitz, President
Natan Weinstein, Vice President
Shelley Hall, Secretary
David Rozwaski, Treasurer
Adam Heyman
Bob Raymond 
Joyce Saltman
Joseph Satin
Chanie Wilhelm


Rabbi Schneur & Chanie Wilhelm have been proud to call Milford home since 2007. 
Upon moving to Milford, Rabbi Wilhelm became the first permanent rabbi at the Hebrew Congregation of Woodmont. (Read a full history of this historic institution, founded in 1926.) The Wilhelms established Chabad of Milford, which merged with the Hebrew Congregation of Woodmont to become Chabad of Milford-HCW. Rabbi & Chanie lead classes, programs, and events for various ages throughout the Milford area.

Today, Chabad-HCW is more than just a synagogue—it is a warm and welcoming home for every Jew: a place for Jews to learn about their heritage, participate in a prayer service, attend a holiday event, or just gather together.  

Please don't hesitate to reach out! We look forward to welcoming you.

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